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Patrick Moeller, Founder


Patrick Moeller founded Callan & Moeller Construction in 1985. Sole owner-operator of Callan & Moeller, Patrick, a life-long resident of Long Beach Island, is widely recognized as one of the Island’s most successful and respected residential developers.

Patrick’s open and honest approach to all his construction projects is reminiscent of by-gone business ethics and is what has set him apart as a premier New Jersey builder. A “hands-on” builder, Patrick is involved in every detail and decision made throughout the construction process, interacting with clients and visiting each job site several times a day.

By providing homes of unparalleled quality craftsmanship and design, Patrick has a consistent roster of satisfied customers and frequently “contracts” on a handshake.

Client satisfaction is the company’s true motivation. To that end, many clients often become his close friends.

Patrick Moeller, president of Callan & Moeller Construction was the recent recipient of the “Applause Award” from the New Jersey Theatre Alliance. The Surflight Theatre of Beach Haven, NJ presented the award in recognition of outstanding benefactors to New Jersey’s professional theatres.

Through Moeller’s generous contributions of time, materials and labor, the new Dolores Moeller Cast House was completed, under budget, in June 2007. The three-story building, named after Moeller’s mother, houses the Scene Shop and Paint and Prop Shop on the first floor with actor/technician housing on the second and third floors.

In 2001, Patrick Moeller started the Callan & Moeller house tour. The first Saturday of every September Callan & Moeller homeowners decorate and open their homes for a tour that has grown more and more popular each passing year. Proceeds from the house tour benefit Long Beach Island’s St. Francis Community Center. The Center offers a wide variety of services and programs aimed at meeting the needs of residents of Ocean County, regardless of age, race, sex, nationality, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, handicapping condition or socio-economic status.