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Our Seamless Process

Callan & Moeller homeowners come to value their unique relationship with Patrick Moeller. As a lifelong resident of Long Beach Island, Patrick lives among the homes he builds for others. As a fellow resident, he is accessible to guarantee satisfaction and prides himself that any potential customer can knock on the door of any Callan & Moeller homeowner and receive a personal reference.

From initial design to final delivery, Callan & Moeller offers its discriminating buyers:

Callan & Moeller uses the latest construction techniques and is committed to consummate craftsmanship. The relenting attention to detail in the building process is evident through every stage from dry walling to the detailing of crown moldings and thoughtful placement of outlets and switches.

Callan & Moeller works specifically with suppliers, vendors and craftsmen who value excellence. Respected building partners such as Handmade Furniture, Tuckerton Lumber, Universal Supply and Avalon Flooring, Tile & Flooring offer an outstanding breadth and depth of choices to truly reflect your tastes and preferences.

Callan & Moeller strives to create a perfect, seamless transitional process for you. As issues arise from time to time, you are guaranteed that Patrick stands by his word, always returns your calls, leaves no issues unattended and immediately addresses your concerns. Client satisfaction is his highest priority, and he partners with his customers through every step of the home-building process.